Shooting Timeless but Unique Photos of the American West

Explore the brand new American West with six established landscape photographers because they share their most favorite strategies for shooting legendary pictures of the backwoods.

Within the mid to late 1800s, a couple of things happened within the U . s . States: photography acquired traction, and settlers began to maneuver West looking for gold and chance. Some early pioneers introduced cameras and ponderous glass plates together around the difficult journey westward. Regardless of the additional weight, it was vital for them to document this wild, uncharted territory they’d soon make their house. Many of their photographs remain today.

Since, photographers have experienced an appreciation affair using the American West included in this, Ansel Adams, Carleton Watkins, and William Henry Jackson. However nowadays, possibly pictures of these landscapes may take on new meanings. The Western U . s . States aren’t as pristine today because they were within the late 1800s. But, they’re the place to find a lot of our planet&rsquos finest natural wonders. For generations, photographers helped record and safeguard these untamed places. With luck, they continuously achieve this for years to come. We interviewed six gifted photographers regarding their encounters and strategies for going through the American West.

1. &#8220One of the most basic tips I’m able to offer to ambitious photographers is persistence.&#8221

Michael Chatt


Image by Michael Chatt.&nbspGear: Canon 6D camera, Canon 24-105 L series wide position lens. Settings: Focal length 32mm exposure .4 sec f20 ISO 100.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

I required this picture on a single of my many camping journeys to Grand Teton Park in Wyoming. This is among my personal favorite spots due to the reflection from the Tetons within the river. It’s also just a little taken care of, so it’s less crowded and is a superb spot to see moose.

I visited a minimum of two times each day, at sunrise and sunset, for six nights and days. Finally, around the yesterday, I acquired the clouds which i required to have that perfect sunset shot. I needed to work well before sunset, scout out a variety of locations, watch for hrs, as well as move locations a couple of occasions because the sun was setting, however it was worthwhile.


Image by Michael Chatt

Pro Tip

Probably the most important tips I’m able to offer to ambitious photographers is persistence. I’m lucky enough to live inside a couple of hrs of some very beautiful places, for example Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nature, and that i visit these places as frequently when i can. I believe probably the most essential things would be to venture out frequently and try to look for your perfect place which perfect shot.

You need to be adventurous, and you need to be creative. Once you discover an excellent place that actually works, return there frequently, in various seasons, at different occasions during the day. Approach things from various angles. Search for interesting pieces within the foreground, like a tree, wildflowers, or perhaps an old wooden fence. Take hundreds and maybe thousands of photos of the favorite spots, but continually be searching for brand new spots too.

Obtain a truck with 4-wheel drive, and don&#8217t hesitate to take a few sketchy searching roads (just make certain you let someone know where you stand moving in situation you receive stuck.) Or park and haul your prepare a mountain that appears enjoy it may have promise.

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2. &#8220The more visits it’s possible to make to some prime location, the greater chance there’s for encountering unusual and spectacular conditions.&#8221

Doug Lemke


Image by Doug Lemke.&nbspGear: Canon EOS 5D camera, Canon EF 28-135mm contact lens. Settings: Focal length 85mm exposure 1/32 sec f22 ISO 100.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

It had been my last day’s shooting with this outing. I’d later board a night flight from Vegas and mind home. So, I drove to the East Rim from the Grand Gorge within the predawn darkness with freshly fallen snow throughout. I setup in the overlook, then anxiously waited for beginning while a powerful and incredibly cold wind cut through me from over the chasm.

The breaking of beginning introduced by using it some spectacular shooting. This vista early in the day light would be a sheer privilege to behold. Around 10:00 AM, I began back toward Vegas when all of a sudden a concept slammed into my brain: &ldquoHey, basically visit the north around the top gorge, I will be able to reach Zion NP and aim for an hour or so approximately before heading onto Vegas.&rdquo

Zion Park is really a favorite host to mine. Later, when i traversed the flat desert of northern Arizona, I saw off within the deep distance what appeared as if sheets of rain falling around the red rock ridges of southern Utah. I Then recognized these sheets of &ldquorain&rdquo weren’t grey but white-colored. My thoughts understood the importance instantly. When I wheeled up in to the Southern Utah elevations, I had been encircled with a gorgeous snowscape, specially when entering Zion NP. Its trees were drooping with snow, its peaks displaying one palette of whites and its standard reds and golds. I’d joined a winter wonderland&hellip desert style.


Image by Doug Lemke

Pro Tip

I research my major locations before venturing out on a holiday, and when I love a place good enough, I go back to it several occasions within my outing and whenever I go back to the region again. This enables me to get at know a website perfectly. In some instances, the very best images are collected within the initial pass. But, generally, familiarity yields better results over time.

The greater visits it’s possible to make to some prime location, the greater chance there’s for encountering unusual and spectacular conditions. The American West will yield superb images on just about any given day, but give a fresh snowfall or low muscular clouds enshrouding several peaks, and you’ll definitely score a transcendent result.


3. &#8220See if you’re able to place your camera somewhere unique to capture a brand new view.&#8221

Stephen Moehle


Image by Stephen Moehle.&nbspGear: Canon 6D camera, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens. Settings: Focal length 84mm exposure 1/125 sec f10 ISO 160.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

I love this photo since it illustrates something about photography that’s important regardless of how gifted you’re: finding yourself in the best place in the proper time. Within this situation, it had been a brief winter visit to Yosemite in The month of january. I had been simply walking via a parking area after coming within the villages, and that i researched to determine this unique cloud cover and lightweight. I merely clicked a photograph, wished to find the best, so when I visited process, I announced a photograph that my buddies say appears like the backdrop on the Mac computer. Well, I believe any professional photographer would gladly get one of the photos on countless computer desktops.

Stephen MoehleStephen Moehle

Pictured: [1] Stephen Moehle [2] Stephen Moehle

Pro Tip

A lot of places within the American West happen to be photographed almost a vast quantity of occasions, and so i suggest trying different perspectives or crops whenever you&rsquore photographing. Try to place your camera somewhere unique to capture a brand new view. For instance, let&rsquos say there&rsquos a bridge which has the right look at a famous sight rather of shooting around the bridge, try sinking the bridge or sounding aside. You’d be surprised sometimes about the amount of a distinctive view you will get from just trying this.


4. &#8220The most dramatic sunrises and sunsets are immediately after a clearing storm.&#8221

Adonis Villanueva


Image by Adonis Villanueva.&nbspGear: Canon EOS 5D camera, Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 SP XR lens. Settings: Exposure .8 sec f10 ISO 100.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

I continued a backcountry excursion in Cathedral Ponds in Yosemite Park. The elements known as for any obvious day having a chance of a scattered storm. The Eastern Sierras are recognized for unpredictable and rapid alterations in weather, which day shown just that. I arrived at the low Cathedral Ponds about forty-five minutes before sunset, and in the period I had been pitching my tent, a storm folded in.

I required shelter within the tent for a maximum of seven minutes, and, much like that, the storm vanished, departing behind our prime clouds above Cathedral Peak. I Then rapidly ran round the lake to locate a couple of ideal compositions. Golden hour introduced fast and dramatic shifts in hues from blue to crimson, yellow to orange, after which pink towards the final blazing red because the sun gradually upon the market underneath the horizon. This photo is among the many frames I required in that time.


Image by Adonis Villanueva

Pro Tip

Probably the most dramatic sunrises and sunsets are immediately after a clearing storm. Look into the weather, to check out partly cloudy days and scattered rain/storms. I even venture out if this&#8217s overcast since there&#8217s always the possibility the sun can look through and make dramatic lighting throughout the golden hour. Dig much deeper and appearance the hourly forecast to gauge the probabilities for dramatic lighting.

It’s understandable, but make sure to carry clothing and equipment to safeguard the digital camera and yourself in the elements. Bring insect repellent. Nasty flying bugs really are a hazard within the Eastern Sierras within the summer time and much more so after sunset. A great item to need to increase your landscape photos is really a Polarizing Filter. It adds more depth towards the lighting following a clearing storm.

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5. &#8220The greatest tip I’m able to consider would be to wander away the beaten path.&#8221



Image by kenkistler.&nbspGear: The new sony a900 camera, Carl Zeiss 16-35mm 2.8 lens. Settings: The pictures were taken at 24mm and stitched together in Illustrator f8 ISO 100.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

When i first observed Ansel Adams&rsquos photography like a teen visiting Grand Teton Park, also it was the very first time an image evoked a psychological response within my heart. It moved me in some way on the much deeper level than any image I&rsquod seen before. I made the decision I needed to try and replicate that moment in other people with my photography.

I came across this narrow trickle of the stream in the dirt pan of Dying Valley. It wasn&rsquot anywhere close to the road. I simply made the decision to fit my vehicle, grab my camera and my water bottle, and wander out in to the backwoods in regards to a mile and find out things i may find. Odds were I wouldn&rsquot find anything available, but with that particular day, Used to do, and that i couldn&rsquot believe my luck.


Pictured: [1] kenkistler [2] kenkistler

Pro Tip

The greatest tip I’m able to consider would be to wander away the beaten path. Everybody has had exactly the same legendary images at Horseshoe Bend, while watching Grand Tetons, or Tunnel View in Yosemite. I&rsquom not to imply you shouldn&rsquot try your hands at individuals same locations. But, you will find numerous other spots which are waiting to become discovered in the finish of the gravel road or dirt hiking trail.

Take time to explore just a little in the search engines Earth, after which turn your vehicle from the asphalt and see in which a new road leads. You may don&rsquot find anything special, or you uncover a vista, a forgotten cabin, or perhaps a hidden waterfall that just the locals learn about. You&rsquoll never find these places should you&rsquore reluctant to head out and check out.


6. &#8220I discover that planning my trip in the right season is essential, and that i frequently make use of the PhotoPills application to get this done.&#8221

Lynn Yeh


Image by Lynn Yeh.&nbspGear: Leica M240 camera, 21mm Super Elmar lens. Settings: Exposure 1/45 sec f16 ISO 2000.

What&rsquos the storyline behind this photo?

The American West is in lots of ways an enormous amount of its very own. What it really frequently lacks in historic depth when compared with other areas on the planet, it can make up for in environmental diversity and untouched natural splendor. It&rsquos these extremes that captivate the imagination and supply inspiration for me personally like a professional photographer.

Jackson Hole and Grand Teton Park are perfect places. I love this specific picture due to the prairie grass fields within the foreground, combined with the old barn without anyone’s knowledge. It had been both dramatic using the mountain tops and peaceful simultaneously. The street almost felt enjoy it brought to nowhere, and also the sky appeared larger than normal. This photo was taken through getting from the beaten path and wandering around just a little.


Image by Lynn Yeh

Pro Tip

In this point in time, creating original content is difficult to complete. I believe, there are just a couple of variables that you could alter to try and create something unique:

The very first is lighting. Unsurprisingly, sunrise and sunset most frequently supply the best lighting for me personally, and getting out of bed early usually provides me with an uncommon view around the globe. I additionally discover that remaining out longer following the sun has set also provides me with some pretty interesting monotone shots. The less apparent factor is cloud cover. Initially when i first began photography, I wished for obvious blue skies, but before long, it grew to become difficult to differentiate between my work yet others. I discovered that partly cloudy days added a pleasant depth and frequently altered the colours on the horizon. Utilizing a graduated filter can establish some awesome shots.

The second reason is perspective. Locating a unique perspective isn&rsquot easy, especially at well-known locations. From time to time, I’ve attempted taking helicopter tours to obtain a different view, however they aren&rsquot always available. Shooting in to the sun is yet another trick I’ve attempted, which has produced some interesting photos. It&rsquos always frightening carrying this out, and that i always hear my photography teachers lecturing me about damaging my sensor, however i play the role of fast, and I’ve discovered the outcomes frequently over-shadow the danger.

The majority of my photos originate from road journeys I’ve taken, and, quite frequently, locating a unique perspective means slamming around the breaks, copying, and getting away from the vehicle to consider an image. Apart from that, it comes down lower to simply doing research online, searching at a lower price popular locations, to see should there be any photos taken of areas which i believe are underrepresented.

The 3rd and final variable may be the season. I’ve found that planning my trip in the right season is essential, and that i frequently make use of the PhotoPills application to get this done.

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Top image by&nbspStephen Moehle

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