Shutterstock and SumUp Partner to Give Merchants Access to High-Quality Images and Boost Online Performance

SumUp customers now get direct access to Shutterstock’s vast image library to create beautiful online storefronts and increase potential sales

Throughout 2020, brick-and-mortar stores made enormous efforts to keep their businesses open and safe. This meant thinking outside the box and offering customers new options and experiences like curbside pickup, contactless delivery and limiting in-store capacity. 

However, with clear restraints around what these in-store merchants could do, growing a digital storefront was all but necessary to attract a wider range of customers and maintain a healthy revenue stream. 

That’s one of the reasons why, in 2021, Shutterstock is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SumUp, a financial technology company based in the UK that allows businesses to receive payments quickly and simply, both in-store and online.

The partnership will offer merchants quick access to Shutterstock’s vast library of high-quality images,  including access to Smart Image Recommendations, which will help small businesses produce engaging online storefronts and drive potential sales.

This year, Shutterstock is laser focused on helping its users access compelling assets quickly and directly from within the content creation platforms that they use every day. As Shutterstock CEO Stan Pavlovsky said, “Our goal is to accelerate workflows and empower brands to inspire their audiences with engaging and compelling visual stories.” This integration will help SumUp customers to find the perfect image, bring their businesses to life and engage their audiences with great content and storytelling. 

A solution to the “blank canvas” problem

Today, many website creators and online merchants also face a “blank canvas” problem: not knowing where to start and how to best showcase their businesses online when creating a digital storefront.

Now, with Shutterstock integrated directly into SumUp, users can quickly access eye-catching visuals and create a web presence that drives performance. This solves a huge pain point for merchants, for whom a lack of strong visual content often delays the launch of their website and negatively impacts sales potential.

“We’re happy to be able to offer our merchants this new feature of access to millions of images to jazz up their online stores,” said Alex von Schirmeister, SumUp Executive Vice President for Europe. “It’s important now, more than ever, that small businesses have the means to trade in the e-commerce space in order to take on larger competition. This partnership with Shutterstock will do just that, giving them more visibility to grow their customer bases.”

How the integration works

With this integration, merchants can now quickly and easily add photos to design their digital storefront, giving more visibility into their online stores and brand personality. Access to images comes at no additional cost and is included with customers’ SumUp subscriptions plans. Here’s how it works: 

Access Shutterstock content directly from within SumUp: Once in the SumUp portal, users can navigate to “Get free images” to access the Shutterstock search experience.

Search content quickly with advanced search options: Next, merchants can use the robust keyword search and advanced search filters to find the exact image(s) they’re looking for.

Find images faster with Smart Image Recommendations: Merchants will notice that search results are relevant to their industry and business category. This is because SumUp has mapped Shutterstock categories to customers’ industries (ie: Food, Business/Finance, Professional Services, etc.) to help users save time and find exactly what they need.

Select and license images directly: Once merchants find the right image(s), they can license photos directly from the SumUp portal and add the content to their media library for future website usage. 

SumUp is constantly evolving their product suite to meet the needs of the two million merchants who use their platform. Shutterstock is thrilled to partner with an innovative company like SumUp that is helping their users reach more customers and increase potential sales every day. 

To access the integration, go to SumUp’s Online Store to create a SumUp account and get started.  

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