Shutterstock Announces its First-Ever Integration with an SMS Marketing Platform, EZ Texting

Powered by Shutterstock’s API, businesses of all sizes can now instantly access millions of Shutterstock images to create high-impact texting campaigns 

Finding new ways to attract prospects with eye-catching and relevant content can be an ongoing challenge — especially today. As many consumers continue to work from home, finding innovative marketing strategies to meet them where they are is no easy feat.

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That’s why today, Shutterstock is excited to announce a strategic partnership with EZ Texting, the leading SMS platform for businesses. This partnership, powered by Shutterstock’s API, marks Shutterstock’s first integration with an SMS-based platform.

“We are thrilled to join forces with EZ Texting, our first-ever partnership with an SMS-based marketing platform,” said Alex Reynolds, VP of Platform Solutions at Shutterstock. “We know that businesses need to think outside-the-box to reach potential customers, including through text messages. Now, EZ Texting customers can easily access our world-class content and create inspiring marketing campaigns that increase engagement and make a meaningful impact.”

An increasing number of businesses are investing in SMS, one of the newest and fastest growing marketing channels. Already, 39% of businesses are communicating with consumers by text message, and more than half (54%) of consumers say they want to receive text messages from marketers.

And as more businesses place their bets on SMS marketing, access to high-quality imagery will be critical to their success. “Text messages that include images can be up to 250% more effective at creating audience engagement than messages without images,” said EZ Texting CEO Norman Happ.  

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Direct access to high-quality images and a powerful image editor 

EZ Texting customers will now be able to search, select and edit Shutterstock images — as well as their own brand imagery — directly from within the EZ Texting platform, and share across text messaging campaigns. 

As part of the integration, they can also take advantage of the Shutterstock Editor, an intuitive design tool that simplifies editing for users of all skill levels.

This saves customers both time and money by eliminating the need to source and edit images from separate platforms. 

Here’s a breakdown of what the integration offers: 

Free Premium Shutterstock Images

EZ Texting customers can search and choose from 20M+ high-resolution, royalty-free images, which are all fully customizable. Images are sourced from over 150+ countries, reflecting people of different ethnicities, genders, and orientations.

Search millions of Shutterstock images directly from within EZ Texting

Powerful Image Editor

The Shutterstock Editor can be used to create branded promotions, invitations, announcements, and more. The tool, which is integrated directly within the EZ Texting platform, allows anyone to crop images, upload their logo, add text, filters, add borders and more. 

Edit images with text, filters and more before sharing

Design Templates

Customers can also easily enhance designs by choosing from hundreds of customizable templates that fit their marketing needs, in addition to providing inspiration for current or future campaigns.

Solving the “blank canvas” problem for small businesses

Today, many small businesses face a “blank canvas” problem: not knowing where to start and how to best showcase their businesses when creating ads.

Now, with Shutterstock and EZ Texting, small businesses can quickly access visuals, find inspiration, and create ads that drive performance. This solves a huge pain point for small businesses, for whom a lack of strong visual content often delays the distribution of content and the potential to engage more customers. 

Increasing audience engagement with eye-catching visuals

It’s a well-known fact that campaigns with images perform better across nearly all digital channels. The same is true for SMS marketing, where campaigns with visual content have been shown to be more than 3X as effective at driving engagement as messages without visuals.

“We want to help our customers be as successful as possible in their text engagements. That’s why we have partnered with Shutterstock to offer this image library and image editing tool to our customers, included for free with EZ Texting subscriptions that include MMS capabilities,” said Happ.  

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This integration with Shutterstock is also the first-of-its-kind expansion for EZ Texting. Today, EZ Texting serves over 160,000 customers, and empowers businesses to quickly and effectively engage audiences via their mobile devices. 

Access to EZ Texting’s Shutterstock Photo Library and Premium Image Editor is provided at no cost to all existing EZ Texting customers whose subscription plans include MMS messaging capabilities. 

For more information on how to access the integration, visit to get started.

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