Shutterstock Integrates with Industry-Leading DAM Solution, the Widen Collective®

Powered by Shutterstock’s API, users can now instantly access and share world-class Shutterstock assets directly from the Widen Collective, Widen’s enterprise DAM solution

As much of the world continues to work from home, smart content workflow tools remain critical to saving time and increasing productivity. For marketers, designers and business stakeholders, the ability to quickly access and share relevant, high-quality content from within a creative and marketing tools stack can make the difference between a successful day or one lost to frustration, stress and re-work. 

We believe that having easy, secure, centralized access to the tools you use to manage projects, collaborate and execute on deliverables is key to getting thumb-stopping campaigns out the door and into the feeds of your target audience. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Widen, an industry-leader in cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) software, to help accelerate content workflows and keep your users engaged throughout the customer journey. Today, Widen serves notable enterprise brands including Crayola, Dyson, Hootsuite and hundreds more. 

“Together, Shutterstock and Widen provide an elegant solution to widespread content challenges,” said Alex Reynolds, VP of Platform Solutions at Shutterstock. “We’re thrilled to partner with a leading DAM provider that can help our shared customers improve their workflows, manage costs, and deploy high-quality imagery from Shutterstock.”

This new integration, powered by Shutterstock’s API, simplifies the content production process with streamlined ingest and asset organization coupled with automated pathways to share photos instantly with stakeholders and target audiences.

Here’s what you can expect from the integration

Photo by Jacob Lund

Automated Sync of Licensed Shutterstock Assets

With Shutterstock’s integration into the Widen Collective® users can now purchase assets on Shutterstock, and find them automatically available to use within the Collective. You will see the asset itself, as well as keyword, caption, credits and more metadata.

With this automatic sync, there is no more need to manually upload assets. Authorized users can access the licensed media from any connected device, so your organization can save on asset re-licensing costs and find the best media for every project.

Automatically Capture License Information and Usage Rights

The integration maps and embeds license information into each asset, including subscription ID, usage terms, and custom information entered upon the purchase. You can also track media use and monitor licensing compliance.  

Photo by Maksym Fesenko

Curated, On-Brand Lightboxes

As an extra bonus, you can now also view pre-curated lightboxes within the Widen Collective. This means you don’t have to search through millions of assets to discover what’s most relevant and useful for your projects and campaigns. 

Machine Learning and Enhanced Metadata

Shutterstock is also innovating the marketplace with machine learning, powered by accelerated computer vision capabilities. We’re continuously analyzing images from any source and suggesting keywords and metadata to help you find relevant content faster than ever before.

Photo by Alones

“After we discovered how many clients were using Widen and Shutterstock in tandem, this integration became a no-brainer,” said Jamie Liechty, Partner Manager at Widen. “More than 30 of our shared enterprise clients are already interested in using this integration because the value is so clear. Shutterstock is an excellent resource and partner for the Widen community.” 

This integration will significantly help increase your agility and speed to market. It will finally eliminate the manual steps and bottlenecks that prevent your team from seizing timely opportunities or launching campaigns and products on time. 

To access Shutterstock assets directly from within the Widen Collective and learn more about the integration, visit and request a demo to get started.

Feature photo by AmyMeiPhotography

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