Shutterstock Integrates with Ping Identity, Enabling Fast Access to Content via Single Sign-On

Accelerate efficiency with Ping Identity and instant access to 350+ million Shutterstock assets

Work today is not what it looked like a year ago. With the semi-permanent switch to working from home, businesses and their employees have been asked to adapt while maintaining high levels of productivity. 

To reduce the challenges and headaches that come from a work-from-home environment, it’s critical that teams have easy, centralized access to the tools they use each day to collaborate and fulfill deliverables. What’s even more critical is that access to these tools is secure, and users never have to worry about their information being lost or compromised.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ping Identity, a leading identity solution for enterprise companies, to help our Premier customers connect seamlessly and securely to Shutterstock content via single sign-on (SSO) access. 

Get access to Shutterstock content with Single Sign-On access via Ping Identity

This quick SSO entry into Shutterstock through Ping Identity provides a simple and secure method for entire organizations to access Shutterstock’s library of 350+ million images, videos, and music tracks.

SSO will streamline access to Shutterstock content to improve creative efficiency, reduce manual user management, and ensure secure access — all with little IT overhead.

Here’s how users will benefit: 

Guaranteed secure access to Shutterstock 

With SSO via Ping Identity, users can now access Shutterstock through a single entry point, and decrease password fatigue. This will also eliminate shared logins and give teams better insight into user behavior through simplified and automated user creation.

Simplified user management 

Creative directors and marketing leads can finally put an end to the tedious work of manually inviting users and monitoring their roles. Shutterstock SSO via Ping Identity supports the ability to auto-provision new users, and assign roles (ie: Browse Only, License Rights) to user groups. 

Maximize the value of your Shutterstock subscription

Give any team members Browse Only rights to see content and restrict licensing rights to a smaller group. This allows more users to see Shutterstock’s vast library without the risk of running up a bill. 

Photo by Lee Yiu Tung

Our SSO integration with Ping Identity will help eliminate the stress of logging into business applications one by one, and empower users to quickly find and share compelling content with their audiences. 

To get started, email us at, and a member of the team be in touch. You can also visit Ping Identity’s Marketplace Integration website.  

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