Shutterstock Partners with Sky Media to Empower Small Businesses

Shutterstock offered small businesses complimentary access to our library of images, footage, and music, empowering them to tell their unique stories.

At a time when small and medium-sized businesses need more support than ever, Shutterstock was thrilled to partner with Sky Media for the SME250 initiative. This a £2.5 million fund provides 250 UK businesses with free, highly targeted television advertising through AdSmart technology.

To do our part, Shutterstock offered the first 100 companies complimentary access to our library of images, footage, and music. Access empowered them to tell their unique stories and reach customers with engaging content. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Quarantine and lockdowns forced businesses of all sizes to rethink their approach to content creation because of remote teams, closed-down productions, and shrinking budgets.

As Sky Media explains it, the SME250 initiative intends to “reward the businesses that are demonstrating true resolve and ingenuity. Businesses of all types are adapting to the current climate, but can further thrive with the extra TV exposure. From local garden centers delivering flowers and materials for the first time, to yoga and dance studios keeping people fit with new online classes, the businesses that are selected to be part of the SME100 will be representative of the whole of the UK.”

The criteria to apply for the scheme meant most of the SMEs selected had never advertised on TV before. For these businesses, producing a TV-ready advert was a new, and potentially daunting, challenge. Therefore, Shutterstock’s offering of creative assets was an invaluable resource for successful ad creation. 

The initiative’s positive impact wasn’t limited to the businesses that received funding. The SME250 campaign also benefited the local creative agencies that worked closely with participants to bring their message to life.

We’re happy to share that so far the SME250 has been a resounding success. In July, 100 thirty-second ads rolled out to an audience spending an increasing amount of time watching television. The selected businesses created the ads remotely and safely with seamless, high-quality Shutterstock assets. What’s more, each one showcases what we love most about stock. It puts high-production value content within reach for anyone with a story to tell. You don’t need a giant budget. You don’t need a fancy studio or exotic location. Actually, you don’t even need a camera. All you need is a vision.

Here are some of our favorite advertisements from the SME250.

Bonk & Co‘s spot uses cinematic footage and sound to spark the wonder of its stoves and fires.

field&flower makes their farm-to-table mission ring true with hand-picked footage.

AVIE sets the scene of its slow fashion revolution with global city and landscape shots.

Grain & Frame‘s custom tables come to life with smart music and a fast-paced cut.

Cover image by VasiliyBudarin.

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