The 10 Best Photographers to Follow on TikTok

The 10 Best Photographers to Follow on TikTok

Want to get those creative juices flowing? Find photography inspiration and advice by following these ten talented photographers on TikTok.

A new report suggests that social media consumers in the U.S. and U.K. are spending more time on TikTok than YouTube these days—and that statistic hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the industry’s top photographers.

In fact, many creatives are using the platform to share industry tips, tricks, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes footage while building their online communities.

So, which ones are worth a follow? Check out our list.

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1. @wonguy

Paris-based photographer and filmmaker Olivier Wong is one of the most-followed photographers on TikTok, and for good reason. He appears to perform acts of magic to achieve his breathtaking photography. But, unlike magicians, he reveals exactly what happens behind the magic curtain (a.k.a. lens).

He posts videos on his account several times a week demonstrating some of the creative ways he transforms perfectly ordinary scenes into next-level masterpieces.  


Faking Autumn ? Got my phone wet for this, don’t let it flop ! More on my Insta @wonguy974 ✨ TikTokTutos #BTS #fyp #pourtoi #photo

♬ What You Know Bout Love – Pop Smoke

2. @that.icelandic.guy

Back in 2017, @that.icelandic.guy was working several jobs but didn’t enjoy any of them. He aspired to become a photographer, except he had one small problem—he had no photography skills. Every day for a year, @that.icelandic.guy took photos to hone his craft before landing his first professional photography job.

Now, he’s sharing his wealth of knowledge on TikTok, providing useful tips and tricks to help other aspiring photographers achieve their dreams. 


Still taking basic photos? Try this! ? @ninojulia ?? #learnontiktok #lärdigpåtiktok #photographytips #phototips101 #howtophotograph #foryou #howto

♬ original sound – THAT ICELANDIC GUY.

3. @illumitatiana 

Illuminati, also known as “Tati,” established a reputation for becoming one of the fastest rising photographers on TikTok. She gained notoriety for taking iconic photos of TikTok stars, but it’s her talent—not her subjects—that’s the real star of the show.

She shares practical tips on how photographers can help their subjects pose and must-see editing tricks that transform photography from good to amazing. 


what else would y’all like to learn about editing? #photography #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound – Illumitati ?

4. @davidsuh

When it comes to portrait photography, the goal of the photographer is to show the “best side” of the subject—guiding the subject through a series of poses while adjusting angles and stances.

Portrait photographer David Shuh has posing down to an art, and he’s sharing his know-how via helpful (and hilarious) videos. His goal is to help subjects find confidence in front of the lens and help photographers achieve greatness behind it. 


Reply to @pip_zar might have to pause for these ones ? #HoldMyMilk #FriendsReunion #tiktokphotography #learnontiktok

♬ Touch It (remix) – Wisdom Kaye

5. @Jordi.koalitic

Using perspective in photography can capture the essence of a three-dimensional scene in a two-dimensional image. Photographer @Jordi.koalitic offers a perspective like no other as he finds uncommon compositions and interesting objects or props that take the viewer’s eye on a unique visual journey.

His videos provide a behind-the-scenes look at how he executes creative techniques to achieve stunning results.


Perspective ? New YOUTUBE video?? Photography editing tutorial with @asus Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED. #ASUS #photography #jordikoalitic #fypシ

♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

6. @alex.stemp

Photographer Alex Stemp has made a name for himself by masterfully capturing complete strangers on the street. He captures the whole process on film, from asking the subject if he can photograph them to showing the results.

Without studio or professional lighting, Alex challenges himself to improvise without sacrificing the quality of his photos—and demonstrates how it’s done.


She said she didn’t feel photoshoot-ready but she killed it! Which photo was your favorite? Stranger is @sugarshaunti1 bts by @jess.billings

♬ Levitating (feat. DaBaby) – Dua Lipa

7. @alexroving

Several times a week, Utah-based photographer Alex Roving reveals ingenious photography hacks and editing tips in easy-to-follow bitesize videos. There’s no shortage of inspiration and hacks photographers use in their own works.


What edit do you want to see? ? #lightroomtutorial #photographer #photoediting #lightroom

♬ Paris – Else

8. @shotzbyalex

You can be a fantastic photographer but a terrible teacher. Fortunately, Alex Frank is talented at both. The New York-based portrait photographer simplifies the photography process by breaking down how to execute the shot and ways to edit in post-processing.

Whether she’s shooting on her iPhone or DLSR, she shares tips for a wide variety of scenarios and skillsets. 


#sponsored How to remove unwanted items using @facetune 2! See how I use Vanish and Whiten to elevate my photos #facetune2 #facetune #facetunepartne

♬ original sound – Alex Frank

9. @lyndoco

Phone photography technology has come a long way over the last couple of decades (you can capture professional-quality photos and edit them all in one place)—and expert mobile photographer Lyndon Core is here to guide you every step of the way.

His videos show you how to level up your mobile photography skills using mobile photography accessories, apps, and techniques. 


I was honestly SHOCKED with how LEGIT the results were ? LIKE & FOLLOW for more photo stuff #photohack #photographer #photomagic

♬ Day in Paris LLusion – LLusion

10. @yawasiedu

Finally, we wrap up with New York-based beauty-and-fashion photographer Yaw Asiedu, who shares simple tips and tricks professional photographers use every day to make their photos stand out—from what he carries in his camera bag to the industry’s best-kept secrets.

His videos are perfect for photographers starting out or even professionals looking to be inspired. 


Any questions? #photography #beauty #beautyphotographer #howto #blackphotographer

♬ She Make It Clap – Soulja Boy

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