The 10 Best Up-and-Coming Filmmakers to Follow on TikTok

The 10 Best Up-and-Coming Filmmakers to Follow on TikTok

Find filmmaking inspiration and advice by following these ten creative, up-and-coming filmmakers on TikTok.

As we’ve covered before, the filmmakers of tomorrow are on TikTok today. And, while that might seem frustrating (or, at least, odd) to many who have worked in the film and video industry for years, it’s necessary to understand that while the TikTok generation will undoubtedly create and consume content differently, it doesn’t mean that TikTok is going to immediately replace regular film and video production work.

Filmmaker Taking a Break on a MountainsideFilmmaking looks a little different online these days—but that’s not a bad thing. Image by yanik88.

Rather, the opposite is more likely to happen. These new generations of TikTok creators are simply using a different medium to help inform, learn, and grow their craft in film and video. Sure, they produce these vertical, sixty-second TikToks on their phones, but they also do some outstanding work with their DSLR, mirrorless, and cinema cameras, and can back it up with some phenomenal VFX work and editing.

TikTok Filmmaker with a DroneYou’ll find a whole new generation of innovative TikTok filmmakers. Image by skyNext.

So, for inspiration (or for market research), let’s introduce you to ten of the best filmmaking TikTok users you should absolutely check out and follow.

1. @Itschristinadobre


Do you want to be a filmmaker? 🎥 #womeninfilm #Filmtiktok #filmmaking #filmschool #filmstudies #filmmakertips #filmcareer #filmmaker #cinematographer

♬ original sound – Illumitati 📸

Starting with one of the best filmmaking creators on TikTok, Christina Dobre’s account is a peek into the life of a real filmmaker and cinematographer living and working in New York City. Dobre’s videos are a mix of industry advice and insights, with some amazing TikToks ranking film schools in different areas and helpful tips for being on set.

You can also see some of Dobre’s work as a cinematographer with some cool, behind-the-scenes videos that showcase what it’s actually like on set, if you’re still new to the biz.

2. @video_production_school 


By @chrisvtv #onsetlife #postproduction #lifeonset #setlife #cameraman #camerasetting #iphonefilming #videoeditors #directorslife

♬ original sound –

The second TikTok account on our list is as straightforward as its name implies. @video_production_school is an account dedicated to sharing “Tips, Knowledge, and more from the Film Industry.” It’s a solid mix too, as it shares clips from different creators, and scours the internet for cool, behind-the-scenes featurettes from some of your favorite cinema classics

The account also runs a YouTube channel with even more in-depth content.

3. @jrod.visuals


Sorry guys I haven’t had time to make stuff Cinematic! #cinematic #music #filmmaking #photography

♬ original sound – jerodyoung52

Moving along, jerodyoung52 a.k.a. @jrod.visuals is a cool, up-and-coming film and video TikTok account based out of Pueblo, Colorado. Jrod shares some well-made content directed towards those who are both fans of travel and filmmaking, as he offers unboxing videos, reviews, and general insights into his career in video production.

4. @filmmakersworld


Just dropped a super cool job of Priit Palumaa full post and breakdown on IG #filmmakersworld #filmmaking #filmmakinglife #virtualproduction #ledwall

♬ original sound – filmmakersworld

One of the bigger filmmaking TikTok channels out there, Filmmakers World has over 200,000 followers and 1.8 million video likes. It’s also a killer resource for live on-set videos and professional tutorials that should challenge your game and give you plenty of advice and inspiration.

Like many of these film and video production-specific channels, Filmmakers World is also on YouTube where you can watch the full versions of many of their videos and tutorials.

5. @thebetterpartfilm


Be sure to follow along as we make our movie!! #filmmaking #dailyvlog #filmmaker #film #filmtiktok #indiefilm

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

In a bit of DIY and guerilla marketing, the filmmakers behind their indie feature film The Better Part have actually put together and produced one of the best filmmaking TikToks out there. The Better Part Film channel is pushing almost twenty days of behind-the-scenes content detailing every part of their production cycle on their indie movie.

6. @entertaintheelk


“Coen Brothers: How to End a Movie” — See the entire video on YouTube. #filmtok #movietok #film

♬ original sound – Entertain The Elk

Along with behind-the-scenes peeks and features, TikTok is also a fantastic resource for watching video essays on film and television. Entertain the Elk is one of the best accounts for breaking down all the elements that make your favorite films and shows unique. 

From essays exploring color theory to details and trivia into some classic movies, it’s hours of entertainment and information worth checking out.

7. @joshvfx


Back with the vibes ☀ #dance #edit #foryou

♬ Killing Me Softly With His Song (Remix) – Jd

Now we’re wading into the large and deep end of video editing and VFX TikTok. And, as you might imagine, the side of TikTok dedicated to mind-bending visual effects is quite fascinating and robust. My favorite VFX-specific account might be Josh VFX, who has 6.5 million followers, all of whom enjoy his flashy and creative animation and effects.

It’s not all just showing off, though, as Josh shares insights into how he creates his compositions and hones his craft both on TikTok and on his YouTube page.

8. @jessicahnsn


3 Point Lighting💡🎬 #filmmaking #filmmaker #aputure #california #losangeles #cinematography #dp #lighting #lightingtips #film #director #filmtiktok

♬ original sound – Jessica Iliana

If you’re looking for an awesome film and video TikTok account that covers the widest variety of real world advice and insights, look no further than the one created by Jessica Iliana. Iliana’s page is chock-full of amazing content, breaking down lighting techniques and cinematography insights, as well as exploring tips and tricks for video editing.

Iliana also recently launched a YouTube channel, which you should 100% keep tabs on as it develops.

9. @mrejbaker


#screenwritingtiktok #screenwriting #writingtips #writingtipsandtricks #filmtok #movietok #filmtheory #filmtiktok #movies #film #filmwriting

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Another multi-purpose film and video TikTok account, Elliot Baker’s @mrejbaker page is dedicated to a wide array of content covering films, theory, and filmmaking. Baker’s “quick list” format is a cool, bite-size type of video, giving you some extraordinary content crammed into the short TikTok format.

Follow Baker for these quick lists and some solid advice for screenwriting, film theory, and other video production elements.

10. @zachking



♬ original sound – Zach King

Finally, we wrap up with a familiar name on many short-form content lists, with the popular Vine-star-turned-YouTuber-now-turned-TikToker Zach King. King has built an impressive career with his highly creative and super technical visual tricks that launched his career years ago on Vine.

Now on TikTok, King keeps the hits coming as his stunts have become much larger and more complex, yet still contain that creative, fun style that’s made him so beloved. Enjoy the cool videos, but stay tuned for his behind-the-scenes explainers to really master his tricks.

Bonus: @SirWrender


look at this satisfying perfect fit 🤤🤤 #oddlysatisfying #perfectfit #loop

♬ original sound – SirWrender

SirWrender (who you may know as Wren from the VFX channel Corridor Digital) has only recently started a TikTok, but his recent video (embedded above) has over 128 million views in just one week! He doesn’t have a lot of content at the moment, but keep an eye on his channel given his recent explosion in TikTok popularity.

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