The Most Clickable Fall Images According to Data

AI Report: Clickable Fall Feasts and Fashion

Cozy up with a good book, put on comfy socks, and light a fire: Autumn is on its way! Let’s see what’s trending this season.

Perhaps you’re the type to put out your fall decorations the day after Labor Day. Or maybe you’re more of a warm-weather person who dreads the end of summer. Regardless of whether you live-laugh-love this time of year, however, the seasons change—and advertisers have to respond accordingly.

To see how consumers are engaging with creative trends, we turned to our artificial intelligence platform, Shutterstock.AI. The tool analyzed every image and video in its data set (including more than 600 billion creative data points) to determine the click-through rates (CTRs) for “objects present.” So, are leaves up or down? Are apple pies in, or out?

Here’s what we learned …

Stay Outside, While the Weather Still Allows

The pandemic is raging on, with case numbers much higher than they were this time last year. This leaves many of us to wonder if we’ll have another winter spent social distancing and cooped up indoors

From what AI can tell, people are making the most of getting outside this season: The most clickable content features outdoor activities. 

Videos and imagery of hiking are 112% and 155% more clickable, respectively, than they were in fall of 2020. Bonfires are 126% more likely to be featured in ads this year, and their CTR has remained strong and steady since pre-pandemic times.

Consumers are even clicking on corn mazes and hay fields, with their CTRs surging 132% this year. 

Seniors Hiking Corn Field Family Walking Dog Night Campfire Campfire Another fun fall fact: Videos containing leaves are 47% more clickable in 2021. Images via Andrei Porzhezhinskii, taras.chaban, Kelsea Fehlen, Volodya Senkiv, and Tetiana Ladigyna.

If you prefer to opt for indoor settings, AI has discovered a few features that will boost clickability. Videos containing fireplaces have seen their CTR increase 200% since this time last year. And, imagery containing books have seen their CTR increase 179% over the same time period. 

Relaxing with Smartphone Christmas Fireplace Sitting by the Fire Reading by the Fire Keeping creative cozy will make it extra clickable. Images via Westend61, AlexMasterperfectlab, and Alena Ozerova.

Embrace Fall Fashion and Costumes

People have a lot to say about fall fashion. From Fashion Week festivities (which are happening IRL again) to presumptive memes, online communities always have a lot to say on the subject. 

Artificial intelligence discovered that the following cool-weather pieces have the highest engagement rates this year: 

Imagery of boots saw an 89% CTR increase from last year.Imagery of sweaters also saw a 19% CTR boost.Videos with jackets saw a 50% increase in CTR from fall of 2020.Videos containing beanies saw a 177% increase in CTR from last year.

Purple Beanie Daughter and FatherSenior Couple EmbracingAutumn FashionBundle up your brand for cooler temps. Just be sure to choose the right fashion and accessories. Images via Monkey Business Images, Cavan ImagesBonninstudio, and Viktoria Minkova.

And, beyond just closet staples, AI notices a shift in clickable colors, as well. In a move away from 2020’s wider variety of popular colors, data tells us that dark greens reminiscent of camouflage have become the most clickable colors this fall. In fact, dark olive green has seen its CTR rise 233% since this time last year.

Green TrousersGray SweaterGreen BootsGold Pleated SkirtShades of brick red and medium gray are also among the fall’s most clickable colors. Images via Guerilla, Red Umbrella and DonkeyYaslex, and Guerilla.

Bewitching Costumes Drive Clicks

When looking at holiday-specific sartorial choices, nothing tops Halloween. But, trick-or-treating was either completely changed or cancelled throughout much of the United States last year, and that shift was observable in ad creative. In fact, according to AI, costumes’ use in ads dropped 43% since 2019. 

That being said, the CTR for imagery of costumes has continued to hold a good performance. Videos containing costumes have seen increasing success, with a 282% higher CTR this year. And, interestingly enough, witches specifically have seen a 178% boost in CTR since 2020.

Halloween Costumes Halloween Party Celebrating HalloweenDouble, double toil and no trouble! Witches are some of the most clickable costumes this year. Images via Cavan, and VGstockstudio.

Curate the Most Clickable Feast

Once the candy is eaten and the costumes are put away, all thoughts turn toward what will be another unique Thanksgiving.  

In terms of imagery, sweets reign supreme. Pies are the most clickable fall food content for photos, with a CTR that’s increased 23% since this time last year. 

Despite candy’s popularity at Halloween, fruit has it beat, in terms of clickability. Fruit has a 28% higher CTR than imagery of candy. Apples’ CTR in particular has risen 6% since this time last year.

Thanksgiving PiesOrchard AppleBlueberry PieCandied AppleCandy apples offer the best of all sweet worlds, adding the clickability of candy to highly-clickable fruit. Images via Leslie GrowAmy Postle, Cavan Images, and mervas.

Videos of feasts have gone up 109% in clickability since 2019. And, when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, AI’s findings may surprise you. Ham has a 381% higher CTR than turkey. Soup has seen a 115% boost in CTR when compared to fall 2020. 

If your feast needs drinks and place settings, consider these options: 

Red wine has decreased 59% in clickability since last fall. Audiences are more inclined to click on content that features beer and cocktails. AI has predicted the perfect after-dinner drink: Lattes have a 461% higher CTR than black coffee. Candles will boost your CTR, too. Their clickability has gone up 385% since this time last year.

LatteMoroccan SoupSpiced LatteChristmas HamAudiences are hungry for fall favorites, specifically ham, soup, and lattes. Images via I love coffeeKirsty LarmourThe Num Phanu, and New Africa.

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