The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love

See how stock footage trends changed in the wake of quarantine and discover how videographers are staying on top of evolving demands.

The concept of home has taken on a whole new meaning during COVID-19. For many of us, our home is now our workplace, classroom, hairdresser, and go-to restaurant. Quarantine has forced us indoors, and as we learn to cope with the strange circumstances of our new normal, we’re also bearing witness to how our everyday lives at home have shifted.

So, what does this look like? Here we’ll take a closer look at the trends we’re seeing in stock footage when it comes to our everyday lives, and how as contributors you can create visuals that reflect our changing home environments.

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Portraying Our New NormalWe’re getting comfortable with the at-home routine. Footage by silverkblackstock.

Quarantine Footage Trend #1: Slow Entertainment

Staying at home has made us collectively slow down. Without our usual social and creative outlets, we’ve returned to the basics—activities that are easy, comforting, and mindful—to cope.

In short: slow entertainment. Things like drawing or puzzles, which are often uniquely meditative, are good as solo activities or as shared creative exercises with a friend, roommate, or family member. Many other people are finally turning their attention to the stack of books collecting dust on the nightstand.

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Slow EntertainmentLearning new skills (or old skills, we should say). Footage by PERO Studio.

Slow entertainment is often a reprieve from an endless news cycle dominated by stressful headlines. Not only do these visuals show how we’re staying inspired, relaxed, and amused at home, but they often capture the positive, calm, and happy emotions associated with these activities—except for maybe that frustrating puzzle that just so happens to be missing a piece.

Quarantine Footage Trend #2: Quarantinis and Other Cooking Projects

Restaurants have been one of the hardest hit industries during COVID-19. As cafes and eateries have closed, some even for good, we’re turned to our own kitchens to keep ourselves nourished, fed, and occupied. Cooking and baking also happens to be a delicious de-stressor. Our current baking and cooking projects extend beyond whipping up just a simple weeknight meal though.

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Quarantinis and Cooking ProjectsNew routines and memories are finding their way into our homes. Footage by Luzhkovsky.

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With more time on our hands (and our usual culinary sources not available), we’re tackling more ambitious projects in the kitchen. Trending food-related videos show off the fruits of these labors (think homemade pasta, bread, and desserts), and as a fun home activity shared with others. We’re seeing videos depict family members cooking together and even virtual Zoom baking sessions between friends.

Don’t forget happy hour—still a favorite pastime in quarantine despite taking place at home, except we’re now affectionately referring to cocktails as “quarantinis.” 

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Quarantine Footage Trend #3: Self-Maintenance and Self-Care 

Since hairdressers, barber shops, and other beauty-based businesses closed, our homes have become a stand-in for the salon. We’re seeing a rise in videos that show the ways in which we’re tackling our own personal self-maintenance. This includes at-home haircuts (if you’ve attempted to cut your hair in quarantine, you’re not alone⁠—even some of our top public health officials have picked up the scissors!), beauty micro-moments like applying face masks, and the ritual of a skin care routine (which for some, can be a coping mechanism in and of itself).

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Self-Maintenance and Self-CareNot everyone has a good time getting a trim. Footage by Viktar Lameika.

Personal self-care extends beyond just a fresh haircut and a face mask though. It can be emotional, financial, and physical. Things like exercise and meditation help to ease the stress and anxiety we feel during times of stress. Videos that depict at-home workouts using everyday objects, virtual exercise classes, guided meditation, and online yoga classes highlight the creative ways we’ve continued to invest in our personal health at home. 

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Personal HealthOnline yoga classes connect communities around the world. Footage by smishura.

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Quarantine Footage Trend #4: Master (Virtual) Class

Learning a new skill is one way we’re keeping ourselves occupied at home. There are virtual classes on nearly everything, from sashiko (the Japanese art of mending clothes) to digital floral arranging.

Online learning isn’t new to life in quarantine; Masterclass, which focuses on accessible, bite-sized classes led by renowned experts, was around long before COVID-19. But since the outbreak, many small, local businesses have shifted their business models to offer a virtual learning and shared community experience for their customers. These classes are intimate, personal, and fun, and the visuals meant to capture them should reflect that too. 

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Master (Virtual) ClassLearning a new skill has never been more accessible. Footage by Hollywood_DP.

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Quarantine Footage Trend #5: Work From Home

Working from home is one of the biggest changes COVID-19 has thrust upon us. For many, the transition to a home office environment isn’t easy to achieve even in the best of circumstances, but thanks to tried-and-true work from home techniques we’ve risen to the challenge. Working from home has been long touted as a dream scenario for employees. But, working from home in quarantine is not the same as working from home.

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Making Un-Ideal Spaces Work for Multiple UsesWe’re rising to the challenge of the work-from-home situation. Footage by Salamatova Yulia.

We’re also seeing videos that capture the reality of our working lives in these unprecedented times. This includes spaces that double as a home office (read: the closet or kitchen table), and depicting the challenging circumstances for employees who are juggling a demanding job, family life, and homeschooling kids all in the same, non-ideal space.

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Working from Home with DistractionsDistractions from work gain new meaning at home. Footage by SuziMediaProduction.

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Quarantine Footage Trend #6: Plant A New Routine

The coronavirus has upended our lives, but some things—like the seasons—remain the same even in the face of uncertainty. Spending time in nature is important for stress relief, but for some that may not be entirely possible.

Regardless of your access to nature, there is something comforting about digging your hands in dirt, even if it’s just a single plant at home that needs repotting. A garden or plant-filled corner can breathe new life into a space, especially one we’re spending so much time in. It’s no surprise that gardening videos are trending in spring, but the one addition to the visuals we’re seeing this year is the use of masks and PPE present. 

The Quarantine Footage of Everyday Life at Home We Love — Plant a New RoutineThere’s something about growing something together that bonds people. Footage by Sk Elena.

So far we’ve adapted to life at home. We may not know what our future post-COVID-19 looks like, but we do know that our talented contributors will continue to make visuals that reflect how we see the world, including the everyday moments in between.

Top image by Cavan Images.

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