This week in Editors’ Choice: Matt Payne curates intimate landscapes

Greetings, 500px! I’m so honored to possess been selected again to sign up in Editors’ Choice. It&rsquos an incredible chance to curate the best photography on the planet. So as to, I could view some incredible imagery and be motivated to decide to produce better work myself. I’m a landscape professional photographer located in Durango, Colorado, and host from the popular landscape photography podcast, &#8220F-Stop Collaborate and Listen,&#8221 where I recieve to possess incredible conversations using the world&#8217s best landscape photographers.

With this particular curation, I needed to concentrate more about intimate landscape scenes and/or scenes that could convey a tale, message, or emotion. I additionally attempted to concentrate less on legendary locations, if at all possible, and attempted to recognize images which were not heavily digitally manipulated, as that’s something I’m pursuing within my own work recently.

I’ve selected two images particularly that exemplify things i was searching for:

Stand Strong by TJ "TJ Thorne" Thorne on

This picture by TJ Thorne evokes a wide variety of feelings for me personally and informs a concept-provoking story of survival, resilience, and bravado. I love the way the single larch is isolated making the hero from the image within this bleak scene created with a late-fall storm. Furthermore, seeing and photographing a scene such as this takes resourcefulness, persistence, along with a creative eye past the typical icon-chasing we have seen today, and so i applaud TJ with this tremendously-unique presentation.

Moenave Candles II by John Mumaw on

This picture by John Mumaw informs a tale of weathering some time and finding beauty in rugged places. The sandstone is lit perfectly through the late sun and showcases textures and forms which have been created by time, weather, and abuse, the rock exudes strength, beauty, and evokes question simultaneously.

Explore much more of Matt&#8217s selections below, and look for his full curation in Editors’ Choice.

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Kaleidoscope by Adam Kavalunas on

Fantasia by Matt Meisenheimer on

Sveinstindur and Fagralon by Alex Nail on

Last Sunset by Charlotte Gibb on

Cornice in the Clouds by Patrick McDonald on

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