Trending: Warm landscapes, soft blacks and more key themes in Licensing

Maintain key trends in Licensing as 500px&rsquos Art Director &#038 Creative Research Lead, Karen Biilmann, analyzes common threads and current styles throughout our contributors&rsquo photography submissions. From warm landscapes to soft black tones and domestic creatures, here&rsquos what&rsquos trending within the 500px Licensing collection.

When searching in a sample size images posted to Licensing, we are able to observe that our images are posted from locations where are around the globe. However in analyzing the information in the top four countries that led to that Licensing sample, stylistic characteristics inside the imagery become apparent within their top four groups.

This is often seen using the inclination to shoot warm-toned, rocky landscapes inside the U . s . States, whereas the ecu landscapes lean more toward the dramatic, with moving hillsides and early-morning mist. There’s a more powerful existence of cooler tones and soft blacks within landscape imagery from European destinations, getting into the world of moodier landscapes.

We are able to also see variations within the Animal category. Content in the US and Uk includes a more powerful concentrate on wildlife photography, with sharp, true-to-existence colors, while Germany, domesticated animal professional photographer was popular. The United States touts crisp action shots within the Animal category, whereas there’s a less-prominent utilization of depth of field when compared with shots in the United kingdom, Italia, or Germany.

U . s . States: Landscapes

Playa Primeval by Mike Lang on

Arizona Afterglow by Robert Warrington on

These Landscape images have a tendency to capture warmer tones and concentrate on the extreme environments available across The United States. The nice and cozy tones not just help highlight the sheer proportions of a mountain face or even the different peaks that become highlighted throughout a sunrise or sunset, however the dry deserts and erosion occurring in the harsh climates present in these locations.

And then impeccable orange by H Peter Ji on

At the morning under Reflections Canyon by Anton Seleznev on

U . s . States: Creatures

Content inside the Animal category in the US includes a strong concentrate on wildlife photography, but we discover consistency having a common theme: freezing significant moments that communicate action, as with the pictures below.

Fish! by Melissa Nicholas on

Downhill Run by Robert Warrington on

Nursing Bear Cubs by JDay Photography on

Snowy Owl by Wendy Blanchard on

Uk: Landscapes

House with a view by Adam Spandel on

Canoeing in No Man's Land - Old Harry Rocks by SydsPics  on

Landscapes here concentrate on a different sort of rock formation with high cliff edges that cascade in to the sea. The cooler tones symbolized within the deep sea are again reflected within the blue skies above, developing a different atmosphere and knowledge of the landscapes before us. These again talk to the ecological problems that are connected using these destinations.

Uk: Creatures

Scottish Red Deer Stag by Andy Catlin on

Listen out by Daniel Farrington on

Inside the Animal category within the United kingdom, shallow depth of field is helps drive the attention towards the subject. It makes a increased focus, allowing the target audience to sharpen around the details that comprise the look.

Little Owl by Alan Smith on

The Four Seasons: Spring by Tiphaine Brydniak on

Italia: Landscapes

What a beautiful morning by Marco Regalli on

Lake Karersee, Italy by Natalie Finnie on

Landscapes within Italia frequently feature mountain tops within the distant background. This is when we are able to really see using soft black tones to boost the depth inside the image. Motion taken inside the clouds leads our eyes towards the tip from the mountain peaks, or horizons that grow distantly lighter while you undertake the look, causing your vision to shift through the space.

Val D'orcia by Marco Rocchigiani on

Sunrise at Alpe di Siusi by Aleš Krivec on

Italia: Creatures

We have seen a powerful utilization of a shallow depth of field employed again inside the Animal category. This can help to highlight the topic within the photo, drawing focus and a focus.

stambecco by Angelo Crippa on

The goose attacks by Filippo Carlot on

The Pigeon of Venice by Omar Abdel Samad on

Running or Flying? by Edoardo Navarria on


Landscapes which were posted from Germany give to us a wider look at the environment, focusing more about the general landscape ahead.

2017-3083 Bastei Wetterkiefer Sunrise by Manuel Gomera Deaño on

Frozen Creek in the Woods by Lukas Hartmann on

Germany: Creatures

Nova reflection by  elfmet on

Nova on the gallery by  elfmet on

Your Pet category in Germany focused heavily around the domestic pet, supplying us with highly-styled photography&mdasha stark contrast towards the spontaneous wildlife photography we have seen using their company adding countries. The creatures are presented perfectly inside the image, with only enough negative space to permit your vision to wander and understand the persistence that will get into producing this sort of content.

Double Aria by  elfmet on

Aria at the Orangerie by  elfmet on

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