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Here at Shutterstock, we’re excited to partner with CircleAround™ Powered By Girl Scouts™, a new digital media site and content destination for today’s women. Discover the visuals representing women of today.

From women’s suffrage to the #metoo movement, women have revolutionized their own role in society and have cemented their place in history over and over again. Female empowerment has never been stronger thanks to modern-day political champions like Hillary Clinton to powerful athletes like Venus Williams and real-life princesses like Grace Kelly.

Visualizing Women of Today with CircleAround — Modernizing Portrayals of WOmenFemale empowerment has never been stronger. Image by Jacob Lund.

What do these dynamic individuals have in common? They are Girl Scout Alum. Since 1912, Girl Scouts of the USA has fostered young female empowerment and leadership, creating a safe space for young women to build courage, confidence, and character. As the lives of women continue to evolve and surpass outdated expectations, Shutterstock is proud to support CircleAround, a new media digital media site and content destination for today’s women.

Shutterstock x CircleAround Powered by Girl Scouts

CircleAround is built on the same values of the Girls Scouts and is created for all women who work to embody these same values in her everyday life. The site will cover wellness, work, money, parenting, relationships, and news as it aims to offer useful, practical content to help women create the lives they want for themselves, their families, and communities.

As part of our partnership, CircleAround will use the Shutterstock collection of representative images and videos of global women to support all their articles. Through this partnership, we aim to share meaningful and inspirational visual content from Shutterstock’s collection of images and videos to CircleAround, helping champion accurate, equal, and authentic representation of women in imagery.

Visualizing Women of Today with CircleAround — Championing Authentic Representation of WomenShutterstock’s collection will help CircleAround’s mission of championing authentic representation of women in imagery. Illustration by cosmaa.

Visualizing the changing experience of women, in work, family life, and community, starts with the images created by our network of artists around the globe. In this article, we’ll explore how visuals play a meaningful role in supporting and advancing the stature of women worldwide.

Portraying Women in Contemporary Visual Imagery

Meaningful Careers

Look for visuals of women in powerful roles, serving as leaders in organizations and communities.

In the past decade or so, history has been rewritten to remember a few of the women who fought for their right to have meaningful careers, but there are still countless others whose struggle to define “work” has gone unnoticed and unrewarded.

However, thankfully, the work climate is changing. Women are more empowered than ever to chase their dreams, and are vocal when met with unfair opposition to roles whether it be through social media or protests.

Visualizing Women of Today with CircleAround — Portraying Women in Meaningful CareersWomen are thriving in leadership roles, and making an impact in the careers of their dreams. Image by Dusan Petkovic.

We will continue to see the women thrive in leadership roles, climbing the ladder, and making an impact from the top in executive roles. Similarly, when faced with opposition, women are empowered to create the roles they deserve by nurturing their own entrepreneurial spirit, starting businesses, working in creative freelance roles, and giving back to their communities through non-profit work.

Roles in STEM (Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering)

Look for visuals of women working in STEM careers.

Visualizing Women of Today with CircleAround — Roles in STEM (Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering)More and more women are working in STEM careers, an often male-dominated industry. Image by Monkey Business Images.

Women have played integral roles in landmark discoveries, inventions, and advancements in science, technology, engineering, and math. Katherine Johnson, an African American NASA Space Scientist, worked on calculations that guided the first American orbital spaceflight. Susan Kare, the iconographer and digital designer who created the Macintosh trash can and countless famous fonts (Geneva, anyone?).

With women continuing to break down the barriers in education and business, imagery will increasingly portray women taking their place in these traditionally male-dominated fields.

Family Life

Look for visuals of women navigating their work and personal lives 

The stories of women and family structure are evolving. With more women in the workplace, visualizing families around the world needs to change as well. Women with children often balance long hours at work with parenting, work with their significant other to share the load of responsibilities, and demand better family policies from their employers. While parenting is a priority for many women, others are caring for other family members, especially older parents.

Visualizing Women of Today with CircleAround — Modern Family LifeWomen are not just balancing a career and parenthood, they are thriving in the challenge. Image by GaudiLab.

As home life continues to evolve, the domain that stereotypically was assigned to women is becoming a shared space. More people are working towards a sustainable and equitable approach to family. Powerful women are sharing inspiring stories of being a working parent, such as Susan Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe and former CEO of YouTube, who has five kids and a successful career. With more attention, support, and conversation about family life, there is an avenue for women to represent their ideas and challenges in this space in a realistic and modern way.

Building Community

Look for visuals of women gathering and friendships.

While building a career out of passion and happiness is on the mind of many women around the globe, so is giving back and providing support to underprivileged and underrepresented communities. We see more and more women giving back to their communities through service, whether integrating non-profits into their business plans or small business owners laying down roots for their own community’s development. 

Visualizing Women of Today with CircleAround — Building CommunityWomen are coming together to give back to their communities with meaningful work. Image by Mary Long.

Seeking ways to give back, connect, and empower, more women are forging relationships and communities online and via social media platforms that allow them to collaborate with like-minded peers around the world. With a focus on uplifting and empowering one another rather than competing, these groups — both formal and informal — are changing the narrative on female friendship. These values also invite more understanding between women from different backgrounds, creating a safe space for women to learn about and work on intersectional feminism. This intersectionality brings visibility to underrepresented communities, such as women of color and women who have immigrated.

Beauty and Body Ideals

Look for visuals that represent the whole wide world of women, including women of color, women with disabilities, and women with varying body types.

Visualizing Women of Today with CircleAround — Beauty and Body IdealsVisuals are representing body inclusivity and updated ideas of beauty. Image by Master1305.

Women around the world are speaking up about their rights to their bodies, and how the media represents their bodies. They are fighting back against years of oppressive ideals about body shape, looks, and especially issues of race and ethnicity that refused a place for people of color in mainstream media.

This pushback has resulted in monumental changes in the media, with many brands and publications taking steps to portray the diverse lives of women from all backgrounds and in their most natural state.

We are proud to partner with CircleAround and support their mission to create a safe space to empower the women of today. Visit this collection of images and this collection of footage to see the visuals CircleAround is using to tell stories about and for women.

Top image by GaudiLab.

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