Water and Climate Change Images for World Water Day 2020

World Water Day 2020 - Dried River

Explore the themes for World Water Day 2020 and learn how to capture images that make an impact on water waste and pollution.

World Water Day 2020 is this weekend, happening internationally on March 22nd. This year’s theme explores the link between freshwater and climate change.

While the world is spinning with news of the coronavirus crisis, we can’t stop thinking about the other issues in our world. A pivotal issue that affects global communities is freshwater scarcity. While we talk about the necessity to wash our hands frequently with water, some places still don’t have access to clean water. And in other areas, access to fresh water is diminishing. These issues are only amplified through climate change and warming temperatures. Everything really is connected. 

Water and Climate Change Images for World Water Day 2020 — Keeping our Water CleanCommunities around the globe struggle for access to clean water. Image by ivector.

What is World Water Day 2020’s theme?

In 2020, World Water Day explores the connection between water and climate change. There are three key areas identified as the focus for World Water Day. The first is that we can’t afford to wait, the second is that water can fight climate change, and the third is everyone has a role to play.

To discover more about these key areas, click here for more information.

Water and Climate Change Images for World Water Day 2020 — The Connection Between Water and Climate ChangeMaintaining natural bodies of water is crucial to conservation. Image by Gruesha Bruev.

World Water Day 2020 Images

Water is our world’s most precious resource. But, our access to water is becoming scarce and unpredictable as climate change continues to warm temperatures. We created a collection of images created by artists around the world to help promote water conservation and activism for World Water Day and beyond. Here is the full collection.

Exploring World Water Day 2020 Themes

Theme #1: We cannot afford to wait

The time to act on climate change and water conservation is now.

The first theme of World Water Day 2020 explores the necessity of action. In the developing world, our water usage is at an all-time high. Freshwater withdrawals (removed from a freshwater lake or river) have tripled over the last fifty years. And each year, the demand for fresh water increases by 64 billion cubic meters. 1 cubic meter is equivalent to 1,000 liters—so that’s a lot of water.

Water and Climate Change Images for World Water Day 2020 — World Water FactsThe demand for fresh water increases worldwide every year. Image by Elegant Solution.

When creating images around this theme, focus on the activism efforts of people towards policymakers who have the power to address water issues. Showcase the changing effects of the loss of freshwater, from rivers drying up to wells running low. Images should depict the immediate need for action to protect and conserve water. 

Theme #2: Water can help fight climate change

The second theme for World Water Day 2020 addresses how using water more efficiently can help fight climate change. The demand for water has never been higher thanks to a growing global population and with that, the growing need for industry. We need to create better circular production systems that use water more efficiently and limit water vapor that turns into a greenhouse gas.

Water and Climate Change Images for World Water Day 2020 — Industry Growth and Shrinking Water SuppliesWater powers human innovation. Image by NavinTar.

Create and share images that highlight the use of circular production systems and factories that use water efficiently. Water powers the systems that the global population survives on, from sanitation to healthcare. Depict images and celebrate content that highlights efficiencies in water usage. This also includes sustainable agricultural techniques and the safe reuse of wastewater in imagery.

Theme #3: Everyone has a role to play

It’s up to all of us to use water efficiently, and through imagery- we can celebrate lifestyle changes that help save the planet and conserve freshwater usage.

One of the ways that we can address water usage is through the food that we consume. Regarding imagery, we would love to see more dishes that are good for both the planet and for people. This may include dishes that reduce meat and emphasize diverse, vegetarian ingredients.

Water and Climate Change Images for World Water Day 2020 — Everyone Has a RoleEveryone can do something to make a difference. Image by Nick Vector.

Fashion is another pivotal example of extreme water usage. When you’re creating images, considering visiting your local thrift store to find used goods for model wardrobe instead of buying new, cheap fast fashion that uses a lot of water in production.

Click here for more information from the United Nations on lifestyle changes that you can both incorporate in your production and showcase in your imagery.

As we come together as a global community to fight the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to remember the other issues we face globally. Two of those issues are climate change and access to clean freshwater—something that some people still don’t have. And that needs to change. 

Featured Image by piyaset.

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