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Visualizing local travel and staycations in commercial photography

The global COVID-19 pandemic has closed borders, emptied streets, and halted tourism in traffic-heavy destinations, reshaping the travel industry in the process. From mandatory temperature checks at amusement parks to limited-capacity museums to online reservations and spaced-out arrival times, tourism, as we know it, has changed significantly—and many locations have seen rapid declines. For many […]


Tips for a versatile commercial portfolio

If you’ve been in the world of commercial photography for a while, you might be familiar with the story of “everywhere girl,” a model who posed for a stock photoshoot in the 1990s. In the decades since, her photos have appeared throughout a vast range of marketing projects—on posters and brochures, in books, on blogs, […]


Visualizing the contactless experience

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked an overhaul in advertising; in fact, a spring survey from the Association of National Advertisers suggests that 92% of marketers had already adjusted their creative messaging since mid-March. Ads were pulled, and new ones were created to match the reality of the times. Amid the global crisis, more brands are […]