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From Sketchbook to Final Painting – The Making of my Annual Holiday Card

Hello friends! In this video, I’m taking you through the making of my annual Holiday card from the initial sketchbook sketch, full painting process to the final product. I’m sharing a bunch of tips and glimpses into my creative process. Find the cards here: https://kirileonard.com/product/yuletide-card-the-gnome-series-full-set-or-singles/ Use coupon code DONKEYCORN for 15% off. Expires Dec 10th, […]


Explore the Shutterstock API with Postman

With Postman, developers and non-technical stakeholders alike can test the Shutterstock API’s functionalities. Here’s a guide to using our Postman collection. Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow applications to quickly exchange information and functionalities. However, APIs don’t have a visual user interface, which creates a steeper learning curve, particularly for a non-technical audience. Postman is a […]