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OneLogin Integrates with Shutterstock Offering Quick Access to Content via Single Sign-On

With OneLogin Identity and Access Management, users can streamline access to Shutterstock and improve creative efficiency across teams. Photo Credit: OneLogin Logging into business applications one by one is time consuming. The result can be lost productivity as creatives search for the right credentials and reset passwords to regain entry. Single sign-on (SSO) tools eliminate […]


A Cheat Sheet for Selecting the Right Creative API

Creative APIs can seem similar on the surface. Here’s a guide with questions to ask so you can make an informed choice for your product. Integrating a creative API allows you to deliver media content such as images, videos, and music tracks within your application. For marketing technology platforms with creative capabilities, this means your […]


The Super Bowl and APIs?

NFL enthusiasts, developers, researchers, fantasy football competitors use APIs to enrich their (and our) collective experience of the Super Bowl. What can the Super Bowl tell us about APIs? Application programming interfaces (APIs) have come a long way since the 60s. In 2019, applications have an average of 10-15 API integrations. Programmable Web has seen […]

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My First Time in China

Silly white-colored foreigner ruins china together with his clumsiness. Just felt look foward to an interesting travel vlog factor. I’ll most likely be moving this to my other trash vlog funnel following a couple of days (therefore, the intro), however i wasted time causeing this to be, and so i desired to share it along […]