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5 Artists on How to Balance Work and Mental Wellness

The intersection of creative living and mental wellness is a tricky space. Here’s how freelancers navigate through it. Freelancing is on the rise, and it has been for a few years now. Writers, influencers, social media managers, photographers—many creative professionals are forsaking the typical nine-to-five job in favor of a career that’s more flexible and […]


Creating Horror Lighting with Just One Light

With Halloween fast-approaching, let’s take a look at how you can create an ominous atmosphere for your short film—using just one light. When we think about the core elements of horror lighting, there’s a lot of color to it. A bloody red for villainous moments, a sickly green for monstrous scares, a cold blue for […]


The 10 Best Up-and-Coming Filmmakers to Follow on TikTok

Find filmmaking inspiration and advice by following these ten creative, up-and-coming filmmakers on TikTok. As we’ve covered before, the filmmakers of tomorrow are on TikTok today. And, while that might seem frustrating (or, at least, odd) to many who have worked in the film and video industry for years, it’s necessary to understand that while […]