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Shutterstock Integrates with Industry-Leading DAM Solution, the Widen Collective®

Powered by Shutterstock’s API, users can now instantly access and share world-class Shutterstock assets directly from the Widen Collective, Widen’s enterprise DAM solution As much of the world continues to work from home, smart content workflow tools remain critical to saving time and increasing productivity. For marketers, designers and business stakeholders, the ability to quickly access […]

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How your Psychology is Affecting your art

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New WordPress Integration Offers Smart Image Recommendations to Help Creatives Publish at Lightning Speed

The free plugin will give users access to 350+ million assets and automatically suggest relevant visuals in real time WordPress powers more than 38 percent of all websites, including some of the largest enterprise sites in the world. With the launch of our new plugin, Shutterstock’s advanced search capabilities and content will be available within […]


Six Unmissable Tips to Create an Effective Instagram Video

Keep your audience engaged with creative, thumb-stopping video content. If you’re a forward-thinking brand, it’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with Instagram. The social media platform now boasts over 1 billion monthly users, and 90% of these people follow at least one business account. These stats make Instagram the must-use social media platform […]


Access Shutterstock Content Inside of eMAM

eMAM, a leading workflow solution for the creation and management of shared media, now offers a robust Shutterstock integration. Content creators across all industries now juggle de-centralized workflow, growing storage costs, and increased resource strain within a shrinking production timeline. The eMAM solution — used primarily by media-based enterprise companies in need of comprehensive video […]


New Shutterstock Integration in CI HUB

CI HUB aggregates creative content and asset management solutions within Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. Learn more about the new Shutterstock integration in CI HUB. Marketers and creatives face increasingly complicated workflows with the increase in asset management solutions, cloud drives, and content sources.  CI HUB simplifies creative workflows by bringing together your content […]


A Cheat Sheet for Selecting the Right Creative API

Creative APIs can seem similar on the surface. Here’s a guide with questions to ask so you can make an informed choice for your product. Integrating a creative API allows you to deliver media content such as images, videos, and music tracks within your application. For marketing technology platforms with creative capabilities, this means your […]


The 5 Best Fresnel Lights, Lenses, and Attachments

Choosing the right fresnel lenses, lights, and attachments can be difficult. So, let’s talk about some affordable options. Whether you’re a seasoned cinematographer or just getting into videography, learning how your lights work is just as important as learning about what they can do. Today we’re going to talk about what fresnel lenses are, how […]