High End Furniture what does it mean?



What does high end furniture mean? Alot of people ask me that particular question.


So, in reference to that, High end furniture means quality. The pieces that I have acquired at Jollys furnishings is quality and it will last you for many years to come you can even pass it on to your generation of children. These pieces compared to the lower quality piece are different in the fact that it takes more time and actually there is more waste that builds up during the process of construction of high end furniture. Take for example Ikea stuff. The joints are made cheaply they use inferior wood or low process wood as opposed to high grade maple or solid walnut wood for the braces of tables for example. Once the inferior product loses strength, it will more than likely fall or break at a time when you least expect it to causing a loss to the investment that you made in purchasing it then having to purchase it again and again when all you have to buy is ONE TIME.


Take some steps to knowing what furniture is high quality.

real leather.

real leather you can feel and it doesnt seem plastic like. The real stuff wont really catch on fire either if you put a match up to it rather than fake or bonded leather will create a chemical smell and also you cannot repair it once it cracks or chips. With true full grain leather , the tears or rips cracks can be re dyed and also top coated alot of people dont know that.



Take a real good look at the sofa that you purchase.If the seats are sagging, it doesnt seem comfortable or the springs seems off, dont buy it. A good high quality sofa usually has 8 way hand tied systems which are very labor intensive but it keeps the springs in one central location so that it cannot move. Also the way the foam is put together over the sofa before the fabric and or leather is applied. Should have a nice tight look and not seem cheap. Also if you get a sofa that has attached cushions it isnt very high quality either. Usually separated cushions or non attached cushions can easily be re stuffed with cushion foam there are places that will do this professionally and you will basically have a new sofa altogether.



These are just a few tips that will help you in your furniture purchases!! Please check out my site on fb and drop me a line sometime! I would love to meet you 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/Jollytime23/






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