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Looking to show up on page one of the Google rankings? Everyone who has a website strives for just that.


Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Then there’s Yahoo, Bing and all the rest at a distant second. Because of this all websites do what they can to get ranked on Google.

One way to get ranked higher on Google is with specific keywords. Most of us know what keywords are. For those that don’t know, it is a word or words that people enter into the search bar when they’re looking for information about something, anything.

If I was to put "dog training" into Google search, I would get over a billion results.


Which means if you have a dog training website you have a lot of competition. It would be nice to narrow that down and cut out some of the competition to get your site higher in the rankings. Right?

Or what if you wanted to find out where your site ranks? Do you want to put in your keyword in Google search and look through 20 or 300 pages to find your page? No one wants to do that.

Well, there is a website that is a site ranking tool and a website keyword tool. I will lay out the good and the bad here for you to come to your own decision.


Let’s take a look at It has those tools plus even more to help you increase your ranking and search engine presence.

It has a pretty neat keyword search tool..

The Jaaxy keyword search tool has a couple of beneficial features. Let’s take a look at some of these.


I put in "dog training" as my keyword or what my site or post is about. Jaaxy returns and gives me about 30 keyword suggestions that relate to the keyword I entered.


  • Avg: average number of searches for that keyword in month
  • Traffic: number of visits you can expect a month to receive if you are on first page of search rankings
  • QSR: number of ranked websites you would be competing with for that exact keyword in Google
  • KQI: Jaaxy’s grading of that keyword
  • SEO: Jaaxy’s likelihood score of being on first page for that keyword, based on competition and traffic. Score of 100 is best.
  • Domains: this will tell you if a domain with that exact name is available.

You can see that the original keyword and the 2 that Jaxxy suggested has a lot of competition. But further down the list of suggestions I find this:


If my keyword was "dog training" I might want to try "dog training near me" or "dog training leash" instead.  Jaxxy helps me to find additional keywords that I most likely did not think about. 

You will also see under the domains heading it says "find more". This means that the big three extensions – .com, .net and .org are taken. If you click on "find more" it would show you hyphenated domains or domains with .info or .co extensions. Or what I like to call "second tier extensions".

If the big three extensions weren’t taken, under domains it would look like this:


So if you wanted to discuss yorkie dog training the domain is available.

Another good thing I like about Jaaxy is these keyword searches can be saved for later. Just click the box in front of the keyword, go to "saved lists" and it will create a list of the keywords you checked. This is great to have because I can refer back to these keywords when I am writing content without having to do the search over again.

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The Website Ranking Tool Is Almost As Good..

You can find this tool in the heading under "Site Rank":


When I go into Site Rank this is what I see:


You put the target keyword and what the domain url is and it returns these results. And it tells me that my post rose up to rank 38 in Google, 22 in Bing and fell to 23 in Yahoo.

You also can see there is a "track this keyword daily" button at the bottom. This can be adjusted with the slide bar just above it, to twice a week , weekly, etc. You set it and Jaaxy will do this tracking automatically. On the right it shows you the other pages that are above or below your pages – this is your competition.

On that same page below the keyword tracking result there is this view:


The web rank tool shows the past tracked positions of my sites and also tells me what position and page my site is at.

Now: This is something I do not like about Jaaxy’s keyword results. If I were to search for this on Google on page 4 it probably isn’t where Jaaxy says it is. Why? Because Jaaxy only does one search a day. So at this moment in time it was at position 38 but if I go look for it it might be at 50 since Google constantly updates their rankings but Jaaxy does not.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think this website ranking tool is good and definitely a useful tool but I think it could use a little improvement. I would like it to give me real time site rank results.


But really there is more than just those two things on Jaaxy:

  • They have an affiliate programs section that will find an affiliate program based on your niche or keywords
  • And Brainstorm which helps you come up with hot topics or trends for content marketing

How Much Does This Cost?

That’s the big question right? The starter trial package is free. But that only includes 30 searches then you have to decide if it fits for you. You can upgrade to Pro for $49 a month and it has some extra features for ease of use.


The other way to get the use of it for free is by joining Wealthy Affiliate. They have a sister agreement and Wealthy Affiliate provides Jaaxy at no cost for members.

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