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Hi guys I want to take you through a bit of information today about what is the master master node it’s a technology it’s a computer server with the wallet attached to it with a precise amount of coins on that wallet and it runs directly on the blockchain that’s what a master node is the technical answer anyway so it is a technical setup and there’s been people knowing about master mills for many many years because one of the fact is every cryptocurrency needs master notes in the beginning to run so let’s start at the beginning first you need a blockchain and what is a blockchain its a technology that allows the moving of digital currency from A to B most people know that but it also is a technology that can verify any information actually that means if you want to sell a house buy a car whatever you can verify.

This information on the blockchain because if something is verified through the blockchain it’s pure mathematics and it cannot lie it’s actually facts so you can say the blockchain everything that is taken through the blockchain this has the approval stamp on it it’s a fact it’s the truth you can’t tamper with it and you can’t change it when it’s on the blockchain it’s unchangeable and another thing is all the transactions on the blockchain you can actually watch them on the public ledger that means if you know where to watch where to look you can see all that information I can go in and see how many coins you have on your account you can go in and see how many coins I have on my account but we can only see it that’s the important thing so a transaction verified through the blockchain is pure facts and that is very very important to know that and I’ll come back to that later so what is a master note to put it very very simple the master node helps maintain the blockchain.

This means the the main task of a master node is to verify a transaction going from A to B that means if Johnny wants to send coins to Anna there has to be something in the middle verifying that transaction making it true and looking does Johnny actually have the coins that he wants to send to Anna and if he does that it verifies the transaction and it sends the coins to enter and that’s it and then it cannot be read changed again then its effects on the blockchain its verified that is the task of a master node so if you own a master node you are helping maintaining the network and the blockchain and verifying those very important information and for that reason you being paid a part of all the coins being mined from that specific coin it also means that if you have a master node in Polish you’re getting polish coins if you have a master node in – you’re getting – coins and let me give you an example on the potential of a master node because when – started like over three years ago a master node in des is required you need to have 1000 coins at that time the coin price was way or under a dollar that’s yusei’s what’s one dollar so one master node 1000 coins that would cost $1000 right so if you knew how to set up a master node all the technical stuff you could set up a test master node for $1,000 now three years later the des coin has rised in value and in these three years every single day that guy that owns that master node has been paid – coin and today the thousand coins alone that he still owns that is still in the wallet in the bank is worth over 250,000 dollars but he bought that master note for $1,000 three years ago that’s the potential and one of the things have master note is that it just pays you all coins every single day now if you it is can be really really really hard to understand all of this so go through it again until you understand what it actually means but to be very simple you’re paid to help verify transactions.

Until now it’s only been programmers developers that has been able to set up a master node we found out about master notes late last year and people actually started talking about that it would be the next big thing because you didn’t need to trade anything you just hold your coins in your wallet and you’d be paid to do so so we started looking into it and saying we want we want to learn how to do that but story is to say we had to give up we’re not programmers we’re not developers and that is why they have sat on this market until now but now a lot of people are finding out how and we are the first company that are taking master note to the property because we are creating a system where the company will do the technical setup on a cloud server that means you go into the back office push a button and the master node is set up for you of course you need to buy the coins and have them on your wallet but all the technical stuff is ended by the company and the only thing you pay for that is a monthly fee you keep all the coins that are being mined on that specific coin you can choose several coins but a master note there’s 350 masternode coins right now you can choose from if you go into a web address called master notes online you can check them out themselves yourself and a lot of those coins will go up in value for 3-4 days and then they will start going down then they become stable go a little bit up and then then will go down down down down down lot of those coins do that so it’s really important that you look for the right coins when you want to set up a master note now we have been looking really really heavy into this and one of the things that we want to do is we want to change the whole game around masternodes

The thing about this the other masternode coins out there every single one of them the more blocks are mined the more coins are paid out and normally they pay out a higher amount every time they come up to a certain amount of blocks that means more and more coins are being paid out and more and more people are going to to own those master mops what happens to the coin price when the coins and the bias at the same time go up what will make that coin go up in value and this is one of the reasons why almost all the other master mode coin is going down think about what if a company actually made a masternode coin where 97% of the coins are paid out through the master notes over a period of 10 years with the same amount of coins paid out every single day so if there’s 10 people they share 5350 in coins if there’s a hundred people they share the 5300 if there’s 10 million people they share the five thousand three hundred coins what do you think will happen with the coin prize I rest the case on that that’s up to you to decide but this is one of the things that I think this company is gonna be a game change because of that we own the code we programmed everything from scratch and why did we do that because the company is called questa solutions they create solutions for the crypto world and the technical setups that also means that the matrix the binary the matching bonus the level matching bonus all of the system they’re building the whole website everything is done from scratch so they will actually be able to go out to all the companies and so bad and a half of what comes in that way goes to the network is shared with the network imagine when 350 or the master no coins see that our coin hits the market and delivers the same amount coin every single day no matter how many people comes in and buys them no matter how big the supply of people becomes the coin supplies is the same every single day.

I think a lot of them will want what we have and the only way they can get it because it’s our code is the company’s code is to buy the whole setup from us and you the members will share 50% of what comes in that way very powerful now another very powerful way of looking at master notice the way I see it’s like being introduced to Bitcoin mining five or six years ago this is how new and how big it would be just imagine where you would be today if you had the chance five or six years ago to go into Bitcoin mining mine Bitcoin for one or two dollars per Bitcoin and then mine three four or five hundred bitcoins where would that place you today this is where we are timing wise with masternodes especially if you look at the setup that we have so again a master node it’s like having money in the bank the coin has to be on your wallet that’s the money in the bank when you have it as long as you have the money in the bank you paid an interest now the banks doesn’t pay it so high interest so they pay once a year or something like that what a master no pays a little more so he pays every day okay that’s the difference but it’s the same thing as long as you keep the coins there and it’s your coins you are paid every day you can go in and solve and whenever you want it’s your property but of course then the masternodes shut down and you’re not paid anymore so you can have the masternode for one year two year or ten years that’s up to you in our set up so you can also say it this way if you had the chance to have your Bitcoin on your own wallet and be paid twenty percent every single month from the Bitcoin on your wallet that means if you had 10 Bitcoin on your wallet you would be paid to bitcoins every month in interest where would you keep your bitcoins this is actually what a master notice keep your coins on your wallet and you paid every single day I hope you understood it and I hope you will see this video again to help understand more about what a master note is and then use the simple setup that we will create click the system by the coins set up the master mode and it will pay you for 10 years bye for now thank you

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